Keira, West Sussex

It is important it is to feel supported and nurtured as you embark on this journey—the journey of becoming yourself.

We asked people to answer one of the three pillars of the Be Yourself Movement.

1. I Inspire: Who in your life, or what circumstances of your life provided the inspiration, or the spark for you to take the first step in your journey to Be Yourself.
2. I Believe: Who believed in you! Who was there to shine the light on your path to help you find the courage to Be Yourself?
3. I Support: Who in your life was, or is, the wind beneath your wings to provide the support you needed to face the truth about yourself and find the courage to transition?

Keira chose the answer question #2 “I Believe”. Thank you Keira for sharing your courage, strength and hope!

Believing in you,