Heidi, Anchorage

“I am I”

I am aware of how important it is to “give voice” to your experience and to share with others your courage, strength and hope.

I know that you recognize the priceless gift of those who’ve walked before you. You’ve told me how valuable it has been to be pointed toward the endless opportunities that lie ahead.

Now, you may want to offer your experience to others. That’s why the ‘Be Yourself Movement’ is collecting video testimonials from you.


About providing a video for the ‘Be Yourself Movement,’ Heidi said to me:

“I no longer have any doubts about who I really am.

I’ve been through a lot. It was my wish to be quiet and hidden, but my life won’t allow it. I want to be a part of a world that let’s people like myself be open.

I’m not advertising who I am, but I’m not hiding either. So I’ll be myself.

A successful life: it’s so scary at the start of things but life is so much better now!”

I believe in you.

Kathe Perez
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