I’m inspired by my clients every day.

These are people who have faced their challenges head-on and are passionate about living fuller, happier lives. Below is a collection of testimonials from past clients. It’s my hope that their stories will serve as inspiration for anyone looking to tackle their voice obstacles and truly be themselves.

As I started to think about transition, there was one thing that would hold me back – it was my voice! Nothing I did seemed to work. I had seen Kathe Perez’s website before. Just before I was ready to give up, I saw Kathe’s “30 Day Crash Course.” For the first time in my life, I was making progress. Her program made sense for me. I am a high auditory learner and her methods worked for me. All of a sudden, I saw the female voice like music. I understood listening for the right pitch and vocal resonance. After that course, I wanted a personalized approach.

I found that Kathe also offered a program called “120 Day Challenge.” It involved weekly homework and a weekly conference call with Kathe and a small group of other woman who have the same goal and understand the challenges of achieving a feminine voice. Working with Kathe on a weekly basis, doing her homework and participating in weekly conferences calls brought everything together. After committing the time and work I’ve finally achieved a feminine voice!


If you’re willing to make the personal commitment…

you can get the voice you’ve always dreamed of  — I’m living proof of that!

— B.Z.


As a male to female transsexual, I am now completing the most important part of my transition: developing a female voice.

I tried to accomplish the task on my own and failed – despite holding a college degree and numerous professional designations as well as having been a corporate CEO (NYSE listed) and holding a commercial pilot license. I commenced working with Kathe via her “30 Day Crash Course, a computer-based program she designed. I also took time to meet with her in person. The result? My voice is now female, and I am thrilled! Kathe is an exceptionally competent instructor, knowledgeable, kind and gracious. It is a joy to work with her and the results have exceeded my expectations. It is really nice to be much more self-assured and confident – no longer are people inquisitive or uncertain about who I am when I speak.

— A.L.H.


I made a New Year’s Resolution for the year 2012:

I would develop a good, usable feminine phone voice.

I started by purchasing Kathe’s “Beginning Voice Training” Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice audio program in January 2012 and worked with it for two months. At that point I wouldn’t always get “Sir’d,” but when I listened to recordings, I wasn’t satisfied with my voice. What was tripping me up was something subtle: resonance. My voice needed more resonance.

I decided to download the “Kathe Perez advanced voice feminization”Beyond the Fundamentals program. In conjunction with the course, I used a Boss TU-80 pitch analyzer, a high quality Sony digital recorder and a good sound system. For the month of March, I practiced the lessons every day for four to eight hours. By April, my voice was great! I didn’t get “Sir’d” on the phone and I had much more self confidence in public. I found men asking for my phone numbers in the most unlikely places; produce departments, car repair shops, check-out lines and more. I was on a roll! But I still wasn’t entirely satisfied. Something was missing.

I found out Kathe was offering her 120 Challenge Course for those that already had voice training and I signed up for it and it began in April 2012. The big surprise of the 120 Challenge Course was the work on our “Inner Female”. We worked with our “Inner Female” during the length of the Course and it had a positive effect on my female voice. I still practice my voice training for a couple minutes every day just to make sure…

Within 6 months I developed a good feminine voice that did not “wear out” with use. I demonstrated that when I worked the President Obama reelection phone banks for 6 to 8 hours a day for 14 straight days without straining my voice or being called “Sir”.

Thanks to Kathe Perez’s Voice Training my world has expanded because of my voice and the self confidence that it imparts

— D.M.


I was a nervous wreck about my speaking voice…

until I met Kathe. She impressed me with her in-depth knowledge of how voice works.

She introduced different techniques, starting with simple concepts and moving toward more complex ones on how to train my voice to sound female. We worked on feminine pitch, resonance, phrasing and loudness. The desired results were seen very quickly – I was able to sound as female within the first two sessions, which encouraged me to discover a new world, to feel free, to feel the whole woman I am today. I am so happy with how everything turned out, and getting Kathe’s help was definitely the smartest decision I ever made. I highly recommend Kathe’s Exceptional Voice programs!!! I LOVE YOU KATHE!!!!!

— M.L.