“Giving a Voice to Everyone”

Having spent much of my life helping people find their true voices, I know how important it is to feel supported and nurtured as you embark on this journey—the journey of becoming yourself.

I am also well aware of how important it is to ”give voice” to your experience and to share with others your courage, strength and hope. You recognize the priceless gift of those who’ve walked before you. You’ve told me how valuable it has been to be pointed toward the endless opportunities that lie ahead. Now, you may want to offer your experience to others. That’s why the Be Yourself Movement is progressing into its next phase, which is to collect video testimonials from you.

In Phase I, we created Facebook badges to allow you to show your support for this community of people who are taking the very important steps needed to Be Themselves.

There are three different badges for you to choose from.

I Inspire – For the individual who seeks to set an example and galvanize the Be Yourself movement.
I Believe – For someone who believes in the power of the human voice and the importance of one’s ability to Be Yourself.
I Support – For a person who champions the idea that everyone has the right to Be Yourself.

Now, in Phase II we’re asking a few people to share their stories. The stories will center on the three pillars of the Be Yourself Movement.

It is my sincere desire for these stories to help you feel a part of something bigger than yourself and to feel inspired and supported.

Believing in you,


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