Hi, I’m Kathe Perez!

For more than 30 years, I’ve been helping people from all corners of the globe gain confidence in the way they speak. Since 2000, I’ve focused my work on helping those in the transgender (TG) community discover their true voice.

We can all talk. We do it every day. But sometimes the voice that comes out isn’t an accurate reflection of who we really are. That’s where I come in. As a certified speech pathologist, I’ve worked with thousands of people to help them discover the voice they were meant to have.

I’ve had a passion for the human voice since I was a child

I found that through my voice I was able to express the real me. Of mixed heritage (Mexican-Irish-German-American) and from a family of modest means, I sometimes felt like a fish out of water growing up in an affluent Connecticut neighborhood. I felt different than some of my peers. I looked, acted and lived differently. But later, I discovered that my voice was where I could assert myself and that realization was the first step in my journey to helping others find their voices.

I went on for a Master’s degree at the University of Colorado-Boulder and became a certified Speech-Language Pathologist. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working with a myriad of people with a wide range of voice issues, giving them the training, tools and resources they need to become confident, self-assured speakers.

I am dedicated to helping TG individuals find their true voice

Today, as Founder and President of Exceptional Voice, Inc., which I incorporated in 1997, I’ve focused most of my time on helping those in the transgender (TG) community to transform their voices. Since 2000, I’ve worked with numerous TG individuals from all over the world. Through my extensive research and interaction with this community, I’ve developed an acclaimed voice feminization program called The Nine Elements of an Exceptional Feminine Voice. From my 30-Day Crash Course in voice feminization and Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice audio training series (which was discontinued in January 2016), to my YouTube channel, and one-on-one sessions, I have had the privilege of providing thousands of TG women with a variety of resources they can use to profoundly change their voices.

I’m passionate about helping the TG community, and have presented and demonstrated my voice feminization therapy techniques and exercises at TG conferences around the world including: Be-All, California Dreamin’, Colorado Gold Rush, Esprit, First Event Transgender Conference, IFGE Conference, Keystone Conference and the Southern Comfort Conference.

When not working with TG individuals, I provide speech, voice and public speaking training programs for companies and small businesses as well as individuals such as singers, actors, broadcasters, auctioneers and teachers.

I am devoted to using my expertise to give people the voice they want and deserve. If you’re looking to make changes in your voice to live a more fulfilled life, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Invite me to Speak

I’m passionate about helping people discover their true voices. That’s why I embrace opportunities to speak to people around the world and share what I know about the care and training of the human voice. If you’re interested in having me speak, feel free to contact me:
1-866-4-MY-VOICE or by email: info@katheperez.com

I look forward to speaking with you!